self portrait


I was born in Toulouse, France in 1986. I grew up in a rural village in the southern French countryside. My growing up proceeded in England from the age of 7 then later Northern Ireland where I started studying art & photography and eventually moved to Oslo, Norway.

My first real encounter with photography was when I enrolled in a course at the local art college after finishing high school in Limavady, Northern Ireland. I had my first photography class in which we were given a pinhole camera kit which we had to build ourselves, load it with photographic paper, go out and take a picture with it and come back and develop the picture in the darkroom. This opened a door to a new world of creativity for me. That day I fell in love with photography.

Since that day I have been relentlessly exploring the magical world of photography, my passion for photography especially analog has grown tremendously throughout the years. I love researching, experimenting with and mastering developing techniques and the use of various cameras both old and new. I enjoy pushing my personal artistic boundaries through the use of photography.

My subject matters often relate to the natural world to which I have a close relationship. I love to explore and illustrate the connections between mind, body, spirit and nature and their interconnections. Whether I am working to produce work for a client or for a personal art project this philosophy remains on my mind.

I am currently based in Oslo, Norway at Cyan :studio, Jens Bjelkes gate 13 ( - (0047) 998 56 746